This is the list of the top TOP 20 FASHIONABLE STUDENTS IN BOWEN UNIVERSITY 2015/2016…

I hope you enjoy it and tell us what you think

this list was compiled by IZZY, TOMISIN, ADEOGO AND SHARON





Asifor Harrison, Mass Communication, 400 Level, IG: @iam_capt_harry




Adeyinka Ajayi, Anatomy, 300L, IG: general_yinca




Joseph Esin, Law, 300L, IG: iam_intimidating




Ola Banjo, Microbiology, 200L, IG: olarrh




Fadesin Elias, Economics, 200L, IG: fasko_jay




Wayne Emejor, CIT, 200L, IG: waynemejor




Lawal Oyindamola, Physiology, 200L, IG: dharmii_




Adedoyin Kuti, Mass Communication, 400L, IG: kvngkuti



Ugwueke Princewill, Sociology, 200L, IG: its_prizzy




Adenipekun Segun, Economics, 300L, IG: s__egun




Esther Ninedeys, Communication Arts, 200L, IG: queen9ine




Yemi Owo, Accounting, 400L, IG: f__yemii_




Ope Fasuyi, Law, 200L, IG: opefasuyi




Yetunde, Food Science and Technology, 500L, IG: ladybobby




Etinosa Osabuoihen, Communication Arts, 400L, IG: _samboyen




Olanrewaju Taiwo, CIT, 400L, IG: olanrewajutaiwo




Oluwatomisin Precious, Agricultural Economics, 200 Level, IG: __peechy




Kemi, Anatomy, 400L, IG: g_oldrush




Damilola Adewumi, Mass Communication, 400L, IG: damieadewumi




Ugo Chiejine, Communication Arts, 300L, IG: the_yugo




What do you think about our list? Dope or ney? drop your opinion down…
Did we leave anyone out?



    • Is your father mad!!!why d fuck did u put my name in your comment,did I fuck your mom???jobless fool stirring up controversy…God will punish all of you using my name for evil…

  1. Awww..my Niggas harry,fasco nd olabanjo all d way…lmaoooo aunty waju, wetin she dey find der…my babes Ugo and ope.luv u guys. my Nigga etinosa chop am jare..ur head dey der…adewunmi welldone keep representing MASSCOM..much luv…if prizzy no go they der, abeg who go dey der…sigh!! nawa kuti tho!!! muka wey dey dress no dey list..smh!! Monjola sef dey dress pass some pple wet dey here..havn said much, I rest my case

  2. Hmmm…here we go again… I have never commented on dead posts like dis Buh I gats comment this one..shalla to my niggas harry, fasco nd ola..thumbs up..shalla to my babies Ugo and ope, luvs u guys..to my Nigga etinosa and dami..stay fly and dami keep representing MASSCOM..we luv u..Now!!! Abeg who put waju for here..really waju over muka..lol..muka should have taken that place..no hard feelings tho..even monjola, Tina, seyide, Oyinda ich and more dresses more than her..sigh!! Kuti tho….if prizzy doesn’t make the list abeg who go make am..the guy don they hustle since 100lvl..buh why ur lebron no make am now..Segun I don’t talk to u Buh yh u are fresh AF and u dress well too..dat ur babe lucky die..goldrush..my hi hi friend..I see u jare.well done.Wayne and YINKA…well done!!

  3. Abeg free our aunty waju, she slays …. I think her friend Muka should be there. Pls what is Yemi? Gold rush and Dami adewunmi I don’t know what they are doing on this list.

  4. This list is definitely a joke. Most of this people are not even half as fresh as so many people in bowen. Why do u people always have 2 disgrace us and put dead people on this kind of list. Now people outside bowen will think we are all dead in bowen just like most of the people on this list. Sorry to say but this is a FUCKKKING JOKE

    • I swear down, e tire my soul wetin be dead? 9ja campus should jus name this pile of shit “Most popular list” not “hottest” hall of you in support of this list don’t have sense. (princewill deserves what he was given sha)

  5. Anan why is this list hating on 400L boys. How far dey are fresher dan most of the people here. Where d fuck is afolabi , debo , spicy and so many others

  6. Biko the person compiling this list, is he related to the one compiling campus heat cos e be like say they think alike gaan oo….anyone hating on Harrison should ride on bicycleforever…Nigga dresses like madt(designers from head to toe)…..ola, Wayne, Segun, fasco i sight una….my babys ope Ugo etinosa kemi dami yemi welldone jare…waju tho!!! Smh

  7. Comment:why don’t you guys just stfu,those there slay any day..but then waju n muka should have been there too sha..those who complied the list try too..those complaining why didn’t you mention just Pple you wanted so they ll make the list at least they asked y’all to mention…badbelle is allowed.

  8. To me the list is ok..the guys are on point Segun the mini God.harrison ope ugo peachy…I mean its cool whoever isn’t happy should take a swim in kanji dam

  9. Let’s break this down
    HARRISON-he is a slaying king.
    KUTI-he is a fashion boss.
    SEGUN-he is a fresh guy with a strong shoe game.
    PRINCEWILL- he makes every fashion list ever compiled, when will you people agree the he is a slayer ?
    DAMOLA- he learnt well from princewill
    OLA – on a low but slays
    YINKA- he murders fashion anytime , but this picture here didn’t do him justice
    WAYNE – well trained by the same Princewill guy to slay
    FASCO – one word “Dope”
    JOSEPH- I really don’t know what he is doing here.
    But the list is missing two people SPICY and OSHO

  10. You people should get that this isn’t about beef or who doesn’t talk to you, if someone is a slayer let them be. Don’t be giving ill comments because they don’t fuck with you.

  11. Waju slays all the way. Don’t get what the newbies are wearing that’s making them TOP fashionistas for Bowen. Lol. Haters will hate. Makes things more interesting. The fact that everyone hating knows who Waju is speaks for itsel!

  12. Hehehe.. This waju and muka thing has been cauisng argument in class sef. Can’t wait till second semster to see which one of them wins best dressed. Waju should be on this list abeg but they should have added Muka too Sha.

  13. Comment: mad Pple beefing…poor waju…and they didn’t enter the list o…oshi iranu Pple..but where is muka na?…who’s that one hating on my yemi even if she’s annoying but the babe try,gold rush I like you Gan,ugo clap for yourself…nice list

  14. So far the list has not represented Bowen well…where is Henry and spicy.ugo is on point .ope is dead and pls tani peachy.segun is a slayer on his own lane proud goat tho.god punish dead joseph

  15. Lmaooooo…did I hear somebody say henry!!!!! Kai..its very clear some pple don’t understand d word ‘slay’ if they do, they wont come here to comment waff….I didnt knw waju has fans oo or wait could she be the one commenting herself….loool….I am ccommenting based on what i know…ola harry segun fasco Wayne princewill they all dress…ope Ugo etinosa dami kkemi yemi they also dress..waju dresses but not as much tbh…I dont like muka but I sswear she should have been the first on that list..

  16. I like the list, dead tho, i still like it. Niggas!!! stop hating on bowen and its deadness, Show some love will ya? At least they trying.

  17. Where the fuck is osho? Bayo? Akinjo, dammy oke (soc and accounting) tobi!? Boge! This website was specially created to disgrace bowenites and this list should be called – upcoming fashionable students- instead, dumb ass fools. Harrison and Princewill excluded

  18. Comment: I think this list is okay and people should stop mentioning the people that should have been and shouldn’t have been. Harrison, Princewill and Baboo are the biggest male slayers on the list and for the females, I think Ugo, Ope and that Esther girl also try too. the list is okay.

  19. this list be banging.. Aww see my baby ope.. why did they use this picture for her tho. she has better ones. go yemi!, goldrush I see you too. nice list.

  20. The list is nt dead anytin d pictures ar just wrong when u guys ar doing dis stuff pls b looking for dope pictures nt pictures dey have taken lyk 6months ago and y’all shud stop hating and face d truth #Dope list BTW shout out to Prince will,babu,Wayne,ola,Esther,peechy and Damola y’all slay d ryt way

  21. Lol.. Seriously??? Dis girls??? Whrez Deborah Idowu? At least she get nyash… Wah of Dada Adebayo??… Lol.. Dos guys are more fashionable to me… De dude wit shorts… Watsup mehn??? Pls buy trouser abeg.. U are too skinny

  22. To all the motherfuckers saying Damola is not meant to be on the list…. He’s the best no argument…. And to the fool saying Princewill taught him…. Smh.. Let someone teach you too… At least someone taught you how to type but the person didn’t teach you to type nonsense…. Fuck them all!! I rep Bowen!

  23. I believe this people are perfect for the list, but I think the person In charge, should make proper research next time , there are a lot of Bowen low key Students on campus that slay far far better than this people up here, they don’t shout , they are not everywhere but they are perfect. I think all this once just want to be known at all cost, most expcially princewill, your dress game is zero but u always find ur way into every list, like they pay u for it .

    • Basta che il tipo dell’auto volante non sia come l’ingegner Moller, che da trent’anni se non più cerca di comzircealizmare la sua auto-aereo Skycar, che nessuno ha visto alzarsi da terra per più di pochi metri, e perdipiù incatenata ad una gru… che non si sa mai!

  24. Wtfffffffffffffffffff is Joseph, Kuti,doing there. So many dead boys made it here only that first guy on the list that make sense small , where is Osho ?????? O God, for the girls my love Esther, Etinosa, my babies Ope and Ugo the rest are so dead, I think the organizers are students because am so sure u guys are dead too that’s y u hav no good eyes to pick, that stupid princewill of a boy am sure u are part of the organizers that’s y u manage to put ur self in all the categories every time , even wen u know u are so dead. I still just can’t believe that irritating Joseph and Kuti that repeat cloth for Africa made this list

  25. I know who ever u are you should be on the list , just know that I am fresher than u. And am sure I hav fucked u b4 too . So pack well smelllo

  26. I knew it. I knew u were a motherfucking girl, I thought it was that stupid princewill, so back to u smelllo. I am 100% sure have fucked u, so if he sure for u drop ur name , but if u know I hav penetrated inside ur smelling pussy then stfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup .

  27. Looooooool Casted u no fit abbi mumu girl. Smelllo Oshi , dead list in btw , middle fingers for the organizers bcus u packed a lot of smallo’s together.