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This List was compiled by Team9jacampusstyle – Covenant University



sammypph-1451654674392 (1)

Sammy Gatsby, Computer Science, 400L, IG: @sammypph




sosa_lee-1451655309979 (1)

Eseosa Omoregie, International Relations, 300L, IG: @sosa_lee




caleb.aba-1451655067169 (1)

Caleb Aba-Onukaogu ,  Mechanical Engineering,  300L,  IG: @caleb.aba




ikilledcain-1451654951779 (1)

Abel Olukotun, Estate management, 300L, IG: @ikilledcain




Gerald Osemene, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 400L, IG: @gerald_oe




misterjudo_-1451655408524 (1)

Glenn Judo, Economics, 400L,  IG: @misterjudo_




tobe_oct-1451654404121 (1)

Tobechukwu Onyema, Computer Science, 200level, IG: @tobe_oct




Temitope Adeoye,  Chemical Engineering,  200L,  IG: @topesnap




troyhodinni-1451655161239 (1)

Tobechukwu Anthony,  Building Technology,  400L,  IG: @troyhodinni




ifeanyinwune-1451655602696 (1)

Ifeanyi Nwunne, Computer Engineering, 500L, IG: @ifeanyinwunne





Ag7gQkrhAvuG84oUWNJhpPqmBVZwp7Dls0ioH5vzOVaC (1)

Shalom Nwobodo, Petroleum Engineering, 300L, IG: @shalomn_




Aggu83M4far9k7tDVKqYuNl3ODTfIE7UFFPK6aR-7atH (1)

Esther Enujeko, Micro-biology, 400L, IG: @jekojomo



AipxMmWi-VtWqCtAgu6hWPpsLIrOfqJo2k9Z0Txwi332 (1)

Christabel Igberase, Information and Communication Engineering, 300L, IG: @chrissy_i




AiWHBZaHLYSG1rkCU0Yd_FgmTRjS7sagFE87qqcC74cF (1)

Mabel Ozumba, 400L, IG: @Mabel_ozumba




Ak5hBv4U2S0cQd12Ld6oWx7RV2Dbpqm4HwsvXTHju650 (1)

Bolanle Onafeko, Business Administration, 200L, IG: Bolanle_o




AmGBm721J3OAwQqrHt_SwjHO9_9bBuXrqQJvXGf5VWc3 (1)

Elizabeth Ominzua, Accounting, 200L, IG: @Lizabeth_muniz




Ar_su8K4CBGiEKXxQp9G-8ZWJDRIAIImglI_3Et_WL_c (1)

Adaugo Lewis, Petroleum Engineering, 200L, IG: @_kingofqueenss




Asx4GtK0p5Hwbp7ErZr91iKUq52crqXM0tOmxlqykAiP (1)

Obianuju Emechebe, Demographic and social statistics, 400L, IG: @obianuju_e




AtFoR96ZNbrxQrOmEjnTQqJNwh9Cc-mIWKTt1hhqCl-4 (1)

Valerie Egbuniwe, Computer Science, 200L, IG: @valerieegbuniwe





Audrey, Economics, 300L, IG: @audds_i




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  1. Omg this is SHIT! ESPECIALLY FOR THE FEMALE SEGMENT! SO WACK! What the fuck! This is a dumb list. Where is Jessica Nwokedi, Damilola, Ugonwa, so many people that are supposed to be here aren’t here. You now kept all these skrep skrep girls. Tufia. Please take down this list and do a better one

  2. Please what is this i am seeing, what bis ujunin demography doing here????? What is shalom doing there too, what bis ma bel – the struggle fashion i apata doing there, what is audrey doing there ? God forbid for this list

  3. The guys I admit are dope.. but the girls honestly not so much, there is a big difference between photogenic and fashionable, valerie, adaugo and Elizabeth are photogenic, yes. But fashionable?. Not so much

    • I agree so much with you, this is soooooooo not a place for Valerie tbvh! If it’s a place for photogenic people, of course blessing ayadi and friends should be included but it’s otherwise. So reshuffle!

  4. Whoever did this thing obviouslyddidn’tdo any research at all. Please take this thing ddownand do another better one, we will understand because iit’s an abomination! Especiallythe girls pary

  5. JESUS CHRIST! If Uju in demography is in this list and shalom, tthen everybody in covenant university should also be here. Chineke!

  6. The list is okay tbh, sure, it may not cater to all your likes and all, but calm down.. Its just a list. Instead of spreading the hate banter, just enjoy the list and calm down. CU students and overcatching emotions over a list. It’s just a list.
    9jaCampusStyle, y’all tried jare, learn from the comments and prepare for this year’s list. Thank you.

  7. See that Caleb guy???…..I didn’t know sweating all over cooperate shirt is now fashion oo…and what is that Valerie girl doing there???

  8. Comment:why is IBK in 200level not there, what of James wizzle or Erumuse or okenye, what of dis Chelsea striker Diego Costa and yomi Slim and ebuka thug thug or misterpanku_pius…. Dis list is what I call jijijiji suka kayak fuga
    ….. No chambs

    • Which kind ebuka thug thug. That boy that struggles with one with shirt, him and all his crew, egin wizzle Pius, they all struggle with one white shirt. Thug Tobi doesn’t even have a phone he is struggling with CU tab that’s why his pictures are never clear… Pls don’t say that again

  9. Comment:u guys should leave Valerie o, if e pain you why your sister no dey here… Muniz baby osheyyyyyyy, my own is that where is Scott bawo eh, what of oga John in Paul hall buttery, what of Mary mezue……

  10. Nice one .Everyone can’t be happy with the list cuz we all know CU has a lot of competition .I mean not all the top guys/girls can be listed ,so you have to deal with it.
    Nice job

  11. Comment: CU students!! Chaii, no chills. ‘Em bonkers, lol, tbh, ain’t nothing Fashionable about this list, they all look like people participating in a selfie contest.
    Ps: IMHO. Bless up famz.

  12. The male list is dope ???… But the female list is nonsense in a way…..thumbs up to the top 5 girls, they deserve it and they are hot and fashionistas….they are ones that make sense, the rest 6-10, rubbish…nonsense, they shouldn’t be there at all…they ain’t hot, they are just skinny and looking like they are lacking good food….Ahan lmfao what is this Valerie looking for on this list? Now, that’s total rubbish.

  13. Abeg what’s Lewis , Valerie and Elizabeth looking for on this list? Ahan this isn’t right oh, at all at all. Please adjust the female list but leave the top 5 girls there…the rest should be removed Infact they shouldn’t even get fame from this because they ain’t fashionistas especially that Valerie that will be borrowing clothes, shoes, purses, camera and makeup….Ahan madam calm down with your borrowing oh….all your shoots on your page, you borrowed literally everything….what won’t you borrow, shey na curse

  14. Abeg what’s Lewis , Valerie and Elizabeth looking for on this list? Ahan this isn’t right oh, at all at all. Please adjust the female list but leave the top 5 girls there…the rest should be removed Infact they shouldn’t even get fame from this because they ain’t fashionistas especially that Valerie that will be borrowing clothes, shoes, purses, camera and makeup….Ahan madam calm down with your borrowing oh….all your shoots on your page, you borrowed literally everything….what won’t you borrow, shey na curse…..

  15. Had issues with some people on that list for boys what happened to Ogbe,Somto frb,Godwin,Rogba,Doctor P, Osuji, David King
    For girls what’s happened to Esther bassey,Fejiro,Somachi,belema, Mide etc The people there are fashionable too but some names should be there

    This must have been influenced by the 300& some 200 boys

  16. Omg Lol you guys re just pathetic? you guys should leave the list biko not like all your bants and rants will make them bring the list down ….its totally okay to jealous but keep it to your fucked up selves ..stupid fucktards and those of you saying someone paid why didn’t you pay? if you’re gone be this pained .if they borrow a lot why didn’t you borrow?although I know the list is wack but really idgf …doesn’t mean any of them is prettier than me or smarter …I think its low self esteem that’ll make some of y’all come here and start talking shit…so why don’t you just go work on it or something ……dickheads?☺?

  17. +the person that commented bout IBK and all I know its you IBK cos you stupidly mentioned everybody in that your dead squad…panku kooo potku nii…lol you get the joke???

  18. Cu students are pained tf ??? it’s a new year change your ways, you guys are just angry because you didn’t make the list ?? there is still next year. All these people hating when they resume tomorrow they’ll be claiming besties with this people backstabbing bitches ???. You guys should be more fashionable next year so you can enter, or better still focus on your studies your parents didn’t Carry you to cu so you can use your money or borrow people things to snap selfies get a life please

  19. That Ada is rubbish and balanle is a better skrep who is tope snap abeg wtf!!! Is this Ada Lewis is just a skinny ugly skreppy girl. Bola be forming porch rubbish!!

    • leave trash for Lawma….you are mad oh….you lack the ability to think well…Tope snap is chilled and if Bola is porshe, abeg how is it your business? She is cool and I see nothing against her been here…Abi is it paining you that they didn’t put you inside….just typing nonsense with no sense

  20. Why is Winifred’s name never on this lists I mean she’s pretty and all and she’s dope all these wannabes will be struggling and make it when she can just do effortlessly really you guys should look harder next time …and even her boyfriend self somto frb he’s dope my man crush everyday!!he should be on this list just airing my thought

  21. The truth I see you are a fan you fool. So to u bola is porshe. Then if bola is porshe then my great grandma is porshe too. And if tope snaps is cool then my dog is cool too. You pathetic fool at the truth

    • To you now,you have made complete sense,ode oshi….move along jor, don’t come here saying shit about people….I’m sure you are a low life….because you don’t know how to compare shit…so just shut the fuck up….wannabe oshi….you ain’t worth the time sef…bye loser ??

  22. Remove Abel and Caleb outta the Male list as for the girls list pls redo abeg…ppl like bolanle,Muniz and Chrissy can stay iono about the rest

  23. What kind of list is dis? All these struggle people.What happened to people like Gbemiga, Doctor P, Jessica Nwokedi, Fejiro, Desiree Iyama, Mbong, Somto???? Why are their names not here?

  24. Comment: @goodgirldidi but I can’t see anike here! she’s one hell of a slayer,also a C.U student y’all check her out @ms_portable!

  25. you guys/babes need a chill pill like seriously. it’s just a list. the people behind this list only put the names of student they are familiar with.. shii like this happens everywhere. everyone just need to appreciate themselves and move on no need to hate on them. they are on this list doesn’t make them Better than you cause they are not paid for topping the list. i hope its not just topping the fashion list but also topping their various department academically. just sipping from my bottle of cold coke and reading your comments. Lmfao

  26. D list is onbiosuy composed by a 200lvl student , he or she doesn’t know anything about fashion in CU, female fashion icons like Sophie, Jessica Nwokedi , Ella? Or males , SomtoFrb, Godwin, doctor P, gbemiga Marshall or even Caleb? Common guys lets call a spade a spade . It’s not about posting pictures here and there that you say someone is fashionable

  27. Apart from Glen,sammy,Gerald,ifeanyi….wu r ds oda guys pls??lol…..wah happened to guys like Damola,Yimika,Marshall,Tamar,seun Ad…girls like sophie,Jessica nwokedi we all know ds pple started ds fashion thing here..Lool…xcept its some 200 level boi wu compiled this list and put his guys and someother few familiar people to mix up..or maybe u sort ur way in…

  28. Loooooooooool pls what is an anike?? What is she fashionable about, that smelly local stuff? She’s not fashionable, she struggles period !!

  29. The list has its flaws and a lot of guys that deserved to be there aren’t. I’m truth,10 isn’t an adequate number for fashionable boys in CU. Aunno for the girls. Bottom line is pouring insults in the comments isn’t going to increase your CGPA.

  30. Abeg the girls list is crap, bolanle, Christabel and shalom are most fashionable girls I see there . (Slaying Since secondary school). Rather and Audrey aren’t bad either. Boys list on point .

  31. Valerie is a stupid fool she is not meant to be there and she borrows clothes hahaha haha haha after she be forming idiot oshi

  32. Miss anonymous abeg using God 2 beg u face crawford and your book we no say you de crawford no de interfere with other schools