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This List was compiled by Seyil and Ella




IMG-20160211-WA0064 (1)

Ngbede Adams, 400L, Political science IG: @itz_adams


George Itodo, 400L, Mass communication, IG:@apex_vogue


George Omatola, Accounting, 400L, IG: @jorg_veen


Olamide Adeleke, Economics, 300L, IG: @olamide83


Yemi Ibiang, Mass communication, 200L, IG: @sly_beast


Ephraim Royce, Political science, 200L, IG: @official_clixx_bbr


Alem Bello, Accounting, 400level, IG: @lemso_


David Usaide, Economics, 200L, IG: @I_am_eazzy


Gabriel Aliyu, Accounting, 200L, IG: @ahleeeyhu


Victor Nedum Orji, Economics, 300L, IG: @neydu_






IMG-20160211-WA0080Faithann Omatola, Accounting, 300L, IG: @ann_tola

IMG-20160211-WA0075Mariamu John, Mass communication, 400L, IG: mami_mshelia

IMG-20160211-WA0076Hilda Abimaje, Mass communication, 300L, IG: Hilda_bangz

IMG-20160211-WA0077Chisom Akonobi, Biochemistry, 300L, IG: @caprelllo


Hannatu Joshua Bwala, Business Administration, 400L, IG: @hannatu_


Fati Ibrahim, Accounting, 300L, IG: @mirrorstizh

IMG-20160211-WA0083Benzer Hanny, 300L, Economics, IG: @miz_hanniee

IMG-20160211-WA0082Ruth Waziri, 200L, anatomy IG:@ruddiyeh

IMG-20160211-WA0081Tolu Olarewaju, Mass communication, 300L, IG: @official_tolz

IMG-20160211-WA0084Sophie Amati, 400L, Economics, IG: @dahposhgurl




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  1. Please where is Leslie on this list d guy with sandals and tie na wa o and we call that fashionable where is my Mass com president or u guys dnt understand what fashionable is hmmmm

  2. Comment:d guyz list is ok, but d gals list is wack!!! c al d wack 300lvl students dat full here. bcos sum1 is fine doesn’t mean, dey r stylish

  3. Comment:.lmao, @9jacampusstyle, wen next ppl want 2 compile a list make sure dey knw fashion. the gals who compiled this list are dead gals.

  4. wat d hell..dis s bull shit…u neva reach anywer 4 life.. u de compell list lyk drunkard..wer ar d med students,com sci,English… u both hv lost ur senses..nonsense..o lord..na waziri u put chai…

  5. Low Concept!!!! Walahi!! Are you people insane?? Who allowed those 200 level girls compile the list? Why did they put just boys they’re crushing on? Likeeee

  6. Habaaa naaa… So u mean if I wear trads and I smile or I pose like an amateur model am hot and fashionable… Lol!!!! Mehn!!! Pls dnt deface bhu naa?? Wait.. De compilers.. Dis is to u oo… Watsup praying for wisdom na?? God is very generous wit it… #get.more.instagram.follwers.first.abeg.. Thank Yu??

  7. Why is that Itodo nigga there? In fact, every boy there is fucked! Who’s Usaide please?
    Why are clinical medical students not there? Where’s Emma? Raphael? Ayo?
    Lmfao why’s Fati there???

  8. so d fashion 4 Waziri na her black/white= shadow..
    in fact, u wey pimples ful ur eyes..u de c wel ba..nd wetin b ur name wey de com sci,get head nd mouth lyk pin charger..
    no try dis tin again..nonsense..

  9. U see?? Dis is why i say u people lack knowledge.. With what i see.. I should be on this list. my mufflers and vintage suits are fashionable.. I lie??

  10. so d fashion 4 Waziri na her black/white= shadow..
    in fact, u wey pimples ful ur eyes..u de c wel ba..nd wetin b ur name wey de com sci,get head nd mouth lyk pin charger..
    no try dis tin again..nonsense..

  11. Seyil and Ella, the both of you should come to my office on Monday morning for your warning letters.
    Alem, you’re expelled. Don’t bother coming!

  12. Where’s Micah? Josmen? Innocent? Usa?
    What’s that Sophie girl doing there? Why’s Waziri there? Who’s Fati?
    I’m confused ??

    • Hian!!! Who be this??? Which kind yeye 100l wey never even finish with GP talk less of CGPA abeg make we hear word joor mitcheeeew @unknown

  13. Comment: dey nw full 200lvl boys, then put only 1 200lvl gal. (gals sha ). d gals list is fucked up!!! d ppl hu complied dis list r wack, so dey won’t knw fashion. ,

  14. wait, c list abeg…abeg go nd get a life..ella..
    u get pimples lyk makeup material… imagine..nawa..if no b God i 4 run frm u..wey get body odour lyk alomo bitter nd

  15. Seyil and ella see unah life……. Who giv u d right to compile list…. . This list is wack.. .. Ella u urself no even dey among the top 20 fashionable gal in 200 level medical class.. …. .. apart from ur nyash nofin else again dey for u to offer.. ……. See pimples wey they scatter ur face……

  16. Seyil…. With ur big head like solar panel…. U wey no dey sleep for ur own room for 100 lvl u dey compile list…… Nah to just dey carry big head compile list….

  17. lool.. yu guys have done it again oo!! ella and seyil i see hw jobless u are… pls come let me give u jobs… oya suck it… its protien.. good for ur boby.. if u had boyfriends yu will be thinking of scamming dem for val.. not scamming bhu and pple outside …

  18. I dey ma own o.. .. Person send me link to see SHIT…. Seyil nd ella….. Choi i don die….. Dis gals are mentally retarded.. …. .. Compiling a list of boys that they want to finger/straf dem.. … .. . And a list of gals that are COCK SUCKERS.. …… … Make unah get sence nah

  19. @Anonymous…. ….. .. AH DON CACTH YOU….. Nah u be SEYIL…. …. . Y U NO GET SENCE NAH….. WITH UR BIG HEAD…… ur father sent u to school to be a computer scientist and to COMPILE UR G. P, YOU DEY COMPILE LIST OF BOYS. ….Wey dey borrow cloth.. .. PICK A STRUGGLE

    • Na u dey borrow dem cloth, u bastard, dose guys didn’t put demselves there.. . Beta watch ur smelling mouth… I can perceive ur mouth odour from here.. .

  20. I thought I will see girls under the females list… Nuh mehn wit boobs and fine face and no nyash atall… Everybody knw bhu is full of women wit big booby… Pls take philanthropist’s advice… Suck!!! Lool.. Nice one guy!!@ philanthropist

  21. In short why BUSAYO(that girl wif big nyash)… NO DEY FOR DIS LIST SEF.. … Seyil nd ella dey hate.. .. Ella go just carry her big nyash wif pimpled/whacked out face. …… Gal pick a struggle

  22. nawa oo…wer osas,ameh,ability,jesse, uche,kisineh..wer sec gen Ade…bull shit…even oga bawa dress pass most of d guys der..

  23. emmm weldone u guys…m guessin it ws nt easy tu cum up wif dis list….buh I tink u guys need tu lyk look beyond d surface… its nt going tu b possible tu bring a list everybody wil lyk buh u guys need tu try tu lyk search deeper…no offence tu d pple listed above buh most of dem r ple dat model fr us in skul n it doesnt mean dey r fashionable…u need to find pple dah r realy fashion lovers…I tink u guys shuld try again…

  24. I think the world already knows how fashionable we are from these comments. This is a blog and anyone and everyone can read what you guys just wrote. To the best of their abilities, I think these people (Seyil and Ella) did what they were asked. The contract wasn’t given to you (those with the cocks ready to be sucked) so please calm down and don’t embarrass yourselves. I don’t think you would want your names actually attached to your comments.

  25. Niggas whatsup??! These comments are not speaking well of us oo… Cumpilation and shii? C’mon, we can do better…In other news, this list is whack sha…

  26. @SMH…….AH DON CACTH U……. nah u be ella….. Which contract was giving to u??… What is d qualification for you being awarded d contract…..How can dey giv a contract of compilation of most fashionable to a gal dats NOT FASHIONABLE AT ALL…… ohh thats right d contract was giving to u because of the FUCKING UGLY STATE OF ur FACE… …… Take a lesson from d gals u posted….. Nd learn to look more like a gal and not like RETARDED FUCKING UGLY FEMALE GODZILLA….. #DROPS_MIC_AND_WALKS_AWAY

  27. Well for me just Mariam and Hanatu
    Serious though why r there selfie pictures here and this is suppose to be a fashionable list. I just feel the pictures were not properly selected . As for the guys what’s up with david and the corporate/casual look (Palm slipper). And waziri how far picking such a heartless picture for the poor girl aaaah ?

  28. @Jack_Sparrow I see you don’t have a life and maybe if you did, it won’t be a reputable one. If I were Ella, I won’t bother replying but since I’m not, carry your fuckboy attitude out of here and find something else to invest your time…BASTARD!!!

  29. Common sense not so common at all…all of y’all seem like idiots because these girls compiled what they could find mostly on instagram and other social networks…they are not gods who are ‘omniscient’ or all knowing for those who dont know the meaning…both Seyil and Ella did good… Its not like any of you fucktards could do better

  30. ..oshe….dis u na comments dey burst my brains…sista ella nd seyil…d lord is ur rewardng strength…dnt gv up..at every end of a tunnel der s always a beautiful white lyt…reps..

  31. Seyil be sparking like golden_spàRKzz…. calling jack sparrow bastard… abeg jack sparrow you follow her accept the contract neh???

  32. I think SMH and Anonymous cud be Ella and Seyil respectively… #take.a.breath.. SMH.. Calm down on jack sparrow abeg,… He’s taken… And u are obviously lonely…


    LOL….. . ELLA U DON CCCAAAASSSSTTTT……u say ur not ella still u dey call me bastard nd u they fight for her…….. .. Who u be?? ?
    3….U must be d person payin her school fees
    4…u must be d monitoring spirit following her from the village
    .. ….. .. Ella pick a struggle rub nixoderm… Burst ur rippened pimples nd sleep… .. .. #EVERY_COMMENT_IS_HIT_BACK_TO_BACK

    • But e be like say the thing pain you die oh! Biko buy the girl expensive cream make the thing clear na! Abi na so you broke reach (Nixoderm)? Na your type dey get low self-esteem! Better comot make person hear word + dey reduce your caps Lock and dey punctuate properly. No be to dey put plenty full stop!

  34. Some of you girls are just talking base on sentiments. The fact that you were not selected or your friends were not selected does not mean they(ella n seyil) didn’t do well; and is not that you can do better even. So may be you just keep calm and ………

  35. Comment: bhu Its okay. we’ve all had our fun. some fashionable ppl were nt selected n it could be annoying. buh lets stp insulting dese gals,dey r human fa. seyil n ella, dnt tke dis personal, such is lyf, sorry, be strong.

  36. So guys there’s something called constructive criticism.. Stop hating the poor girls joor.. The list wasn’t too good and it could have been better anyway it’s fair and not so bad!!

  37. Just flipped tru bells unis list… Smh… Pls shut dis blog down… I will pay for damages… U guys are shutting market down for us in oda unis ooo.. Thier least is like our best’s role models… De girls… Lord!!!! I hate u!! Ella and Seyil

    • Fuck you…….Ur not Jack_sparrow… .. Learn to appease the gods properly….. Dont try to form smart.. . I AM CPT_JACK_SPARROW AND I AINT APOLOGIZING FOR SHIT!! !

  38. Jack_sparrow i’m still thinking of how to describe your foolishness
    The only thing i can say is that u shld make sure you go to the clinic today for proper check up


  40. awon boiz…standing ovation… u guys ar my real niggas…🙌🙌🙌😯😯……wer timo…in girlfriend….dey 4 feature her nw..

  41. Gh.. Pls is ur gf on de list?? Sorry mehhn.. I tot ders love in sharing… Plus if ur soo good why did she leave u for me?? And if ur on de list… Lol.. Dnt worry ur not cheap… U just dnt have a price atall….. #no.offense.meant

  42. Afe girls be opening cleavage. ….binghAm girls be setting dry asssesss…. please were is our anita… abi na sassymaxie… lets her come and upgrade us wif d nude style. ..cos dis has gone wayy fAr from fashionable. …

  43. all d guys are fashionable except some and for d gals only few are fashionable….pls let not mix being a model,popular face for being fashionable…for d two persons dat compiled d list nice try but next time u gals need to carry out a very gud research work.

  44. Honestly.you guys should chill out.
    I bet none of you here shouting this and that knows everyone in bingham.
    And as for you all low esteemed stupid people abusing ellas pimples, like seriously what has that got to do with this list.
    All you guys do is just to hate on people…its not nice..yes the list is not perfect …but yet the people on the list made an antempt on trying to dress well thats how they got there.
    Besides fashion is not the way everybody sees it…..
    Please grow up
    And as for ella and seyil…big ups girls..
    You guys tried your best.

  45. And as for this jack sparrow guy..
    I am sure your gpa is way below sea level.
    Thats why youre dropping all this stupid ass comments…..
    Out of almost 1000 students 20 were picked.
    And wallahi 80% of this list is damn right…
    But you just want to run yourself on 20% to show how really fucked up and low your brain is….

  46. U guyz had a nyc attempt….buh plz whr d pple 4rm oda departments…plz der is fashion in medblock….in microbiology. ….comp Sci…industrial chem…oda departments ok…..just look properly ……because u dress loud doesn’t make u fashionable…

  47. Comment: plzz lets b realistic almost all d boys re fashionable so lets nt make it look lyk its jst dis 10 guys dey were jst opportuned dats all

  48. Comment but as you pplhave finished insulting them their gp hasn’t reduced and they are probably still smarter than u are. sensible ppl would laugh over the list not insult poor girls that did what they could. I hope you are happy.

  49. U guys be reasonable 4once biko, d fact dah u or d people u want dint make it to d list doesn’t mean u shuld start ranting like mad dogs… BHU abi waheva u guys ave called af fall hand badly.. . Leave Seyil n Ella alone… If u can do better lets sew watchu ave 4us… .. Mtchewww

  50. @light…… really i think ive done bantering for d semester. .. . You talking abt ma G.P….Damn u dont know shit abt me…… U will be surprised when u realize its above the stratosphere……… The thing is “let the fashionable people/person make the list” …. …. .
    Not a bunch of gals dat wear only “sandals” to class all the time nd hav no idea of being fashionable
    Make a list of boys dey hav a crush on
    Nd gals dey borrow make up from……

    Lets be smart people. … Nd pick a struggle #im_out

  51. Jack Sparrow or capt jack Sparrow or whoever you are, you have no home training, I’m sure your cgpa is not up to 1.0, and instead of you to look for a way to make your life better in future, you’re here disgracing and showing your daftness and stupidity for the whole world to know, anyway I don’t really blame you, not everybody was destined to be great, I’m sure your IQ is not even approximately up to 1. Pick a struggle and stop been a bastard, oooops nahhh you can’t cause it’s already certified that you’re a low life mother fucking idiot, imbecile.

    Seyil and ella, well done girls.

  52. ehn…u na don finish dey insult jack sparrow…slybitches eat my ass for groceries… wat du u guys knw abt g.p…u na al lack sense,bunch of illiterates…u tink say medicine na beans…try addng moi moi on top…nonsense.. dnt knw shit abt fashion, life or anytin

  53. Emmmmm ok so pastor wizkid has to be a 200level medical student ….and @repping bells you were asked to drop a comment on who and who is not meant to be here not to insult someone about looking like a spiderman or nah.

    Mr jack sparrow kenan… five pointer……am so sorry but you think so low.and thats bad.really bad.

  54. Buchi tbh your comment was boring…y’all want someone to stop insulting then why insult him back…Ella and Seyil Una not get better thing to do than to compile list…go and read your books oo…btw my dick is approximately 8 inches for those who are interested

  55. Bingham Students!!! We need to take a chill pill. All the people on that list slay and we all secretly know it. We all cant be there. We shouldnt disgrace ourselves as this is a blog and students of other schools are just watching us scrub our dirt outside jack sparrow…i think you should settle whatever issue you have with ella in your closet. And for the record..Ella had the highest gp in med school 100level…if you cant beat that…you should be reading your books. The semester just begun. Be nice! 9jacampustyle…we are grateful for the feature

    • Lollll… #Bhuuni are u sure abt DA gp story or u heard?? Dis is fashion dude not gp story…. And go check again cuz from DA complied list of jp she isn’t DA highest….
      And for Jack sparrow plss STOP hating!!

  56. Lol nawa o. What a boring list, not surprised . Same people all the time
    ???. Old regular normal ppl and “regular fashion”. This shit is fucked up

  57. @Bingham University, I think that blogs like 9jacampusstyle ought to have checks in place to ensure that it’s users are not cyberbullied. We cannot always be responsible for bad behaviour from others, but we are culpable, if we give them a platform.

  58. They could possibly take away the anonymity of subscribers especially as the crux of the interaction does not offer the same to the authors of the content and even the students featured

  59. I know who Seyil is, I know who Ella is. Whatever My personal sentiments about the list they have authored, I know that they have demonstrated responsibility for the content that they have offered. Why is the same responsibility not foisted on the consumers?

  60. Loll…bhu!!
    We aren’t trying at all… Y must u b negative ehn dis a blog free assess to everyone for heaven sack# some comments nawa oo..
    Is like ur angry ur name no da dere.@ jack sparrow
    Ella and seyil u both tried oo BT remember d tittle of DA list most fashionable not must popular..wen next be try not to b narrow minded…
    And to bell university commentor …pleased if u Dont have anything to say jt shut up or help urself and mind ur business…

  61. The students featured, have their faces to their pictures, they are not anonymous, of course some collateral damage may be that users will talk about their waistlines and cheekbones and whether their attires are dignified…but who is responsible for moderation? Surely as this thread sorely proves, it cannot be left to the consumers alone

  62. The content across board(even from other universities) is below average…it so much reeks of the exuberance and delinquency that justifies the minimal credence adults give to young people…

  63. All the insults were unnecessary, people plz be mature and stop cyber bullying. …and to ella and seyil. ..u can’t satisfy everyone of course, people are entitled to their opinion…and don’t take any of this personal. ..

  64. This is a clear example of what would happen if DAME PATIENCE JONATHAN was a rapper, good thing she stuck to being a stand up comedian. But then again ignorance is a bliss, isn’t it Ella n seyil?

  65. Y u guyz hating????…..If u guyz fink u perfect. ..Y dont u create ur own list lets see d outcome…..U guyz re jst confused…..U beta learn to appreciate wah you have nd stop hating……Gud job done seyil nd Ella…..let dem hate nd Die!!!!

  66. All of you that are hating are just revealing the extent to which your retarded minds can reach which is nowhere absolutely. all of you throwing shade at ella’s pimples should show us your sisters… Smh I don’t know wtf your problems are… I’m sure y’all are pained because you expected to see yourselves/ babes there and you weren’t #wankeroshi

  67. Haba whats all dis ma student …..u guyz both boyz nd gal are all lukin good…jus look lyk mi nd u will win datsdats all….play 2dai nd pay 2mao

  68. Hello….compilers u did a good job so far….ita nt easy scanning through a school for fashionable people but it would be much appreciated in the future if u can extend your search the the medical section …especially the clinically section …there’s lots of style over there to be appreciated ….so far so good …kudos

  69. Come on guys.. Its OK DAT d list sucks n u guys ain’t happy buh going on 2 insult them is rillie kiddish..u guys r jez showing ur age..receive sense in Jesus name

  70. so its fashion we are talking About at least sense would have been applied you guys brought 10 people out. Bingham has six levels i.e 100l 200l 300l 400l ijmb and pre degree. you could have at least made it more sensible and even, by picking 2or more out of every part. smh. sha you both tried for not really social people

  71. this is obviously only social science selection. so sciences don’t dress abi?! we’re are all the pretty medical gals. @caprelllo murdered the other babes anyway.