This is the list of the TOP 20 FASHIONABLE STUDENTS IN LASU 2015/2016

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This List was compiled by Olaitan, Helen, Ariana




m 1

Musbau Kolawole O , Marketing, 200L, IG: @kvng_alubarika

m 2

Williams Emmanuel, microbiology, 200L, IG: @wills_jamal

m 3

Olaniyan Ayodeji Samuel, Insurance, 400L, IG: @sammy__bar

m 4Titiloye Oluwatobi Adedoyin, Dentistry, 600l, IG: @dr_tobby_sax

m 5Olamide,  History and International Studies, 400L, IG: @midey_millz

m 6Denis, Economics, 300L, IG: @scott.1738

m 7
Ayodeji, Computer science, 400L, IG: @ayo_d3

m 8Edalere Idris Adebowale, Law, 300L, IG: @noble_eedris

m 9

Kolawole Ibukun, Geography and Regional Planning, 200L, IG: @kibk_couture

m 10

Samuel, Computer science, 300L, IG: @mistersamuell









Yusuf Mariam, LAW, 400L, IG: @mahr33ham

F 1

Ogunba Tedisola, Biochemistry, 400L, IG: @teddybehbeh

f 2

Baruwa Omokehinde Oyindamola, Medicine and Surgery, 400L, IG: @dr_kenie

f 3Nikoro Tessy, Law, 300L, IG: @tess__e

f 4Zainab Layode, Microbiology, 400L, IG: @_zhaynab_

f 5Omotoke Davies, English language, 400L, IG: @omotoke_01

f 6Ore, Medicine, 400level, IG: @orebillz

f 7Yetunde Gold, Insurance, 400L, IG: @yetunde_gold

f 8

Ewatomi, English department, 200L, IG: @perky_debrah1

f 9Nwogu Adaeze, Philosophy, 200L, IG: @stunning_adaeze


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  1. Comment: Wanted to write Musbau Kolawole O , Marketing, 200L… But it seems u guys made a mistake with the upload on your site… Their pictures have different name. 9jacampusstyle should do something about that pls

  2. My real g @Kvng_alubarika ..one day you will surely be there #onelove#keepmoving#thanks4showinghimlove @9jacampusstyle

  3. Seriously I dunno why they keep putting that Mariam girl,its not like she can dress,she’s just popular
    Tessie and ibk are the best!

  4. The only thing Fashionable about her is her lense. She is just a short and proud chick. Oh yes! I mean Mariam

  5. Marian is not proud morons you just don’t fucking know her dummy don’t let me get you perky girl I see you.

  6. Who is looking for yetty perry that girl with massive forehead biko Sidon somewhere d last skinny guy on d list sch delete his picture himself Olamide boo boo I see you

  7. people supporting Mariam I guess u guys don’t know what fashion means ! fashion ain’t popularity, the girl doesn’t know how to dress , Bolar hat no be fashion ooo you guys should know the difference between fashionable and popularity u guys made a big mistake putting her name cause she’s not fashionable at all

  8. people supporting Mariam I guess you guys don’t know the meaning of FASHION, Mariam is popular not fashionable the girl no sabi dress abeg! bolar hat no be fashion the girl shouldn’t be on this list, even check her page on I.g and the girls on this list compare na she no sabi dress

  9. Pls go to other faculty not only science,law and art u will see people that beat all does u kept in does ur list

  10. Comment:real no real pple…..i rep d real couture,ma real OG…kibk any day,any time any wear #hisunique

  11. Comment: B4 u judge, remember fashion is personal. Being comfortable and confident are part d components of good looks. In fact, those factors r “good looks”. Plus, while I may not like an outfit Mrs. B may think it’s what’s best. So be careful pls! Personally, I got some of my hommies on d list. Wilz, mide, tessy, idris, marh33ham, nd ibk altho we barely know each other. keep it up y’all

  12. Comment:osheey…… @9jacampusstyle .. thank you dj_moscow,Stephanie,cole Daniel, general ruddy I really appreciate #1love#supernova

  13. Where is tywo and paciotti,Without them d list isnt complete..Willz ,sammy,dennis and ibk you are highly sighted!!!!

  14. You this anonymous asshole . Why tf are you beefing yetunde gold ? She’s very fashionable .. what she has achieved in her life at her young age you’ve not even dreamt of achieving half of it in your lifetime .
    You’re just a sad jealous motha’fucka … Whatever you’re saying has nothing on her . She has a good fashion sense … And I’m very sure you’re just a low-key screpp in lasu seeking attention … Why didn’t you put your fucking name ??? Bitch . Bye you shit

  15. Lolzzz.. @Annonymous Werrin all dese pple do u nah.. it’s jes as if u don mean dem before…. nd Well @9jacampusstyle as for me, as long as I am not on d list…lol… Buh seriously Fashion isn’t popularity. #NoString

  16. Nice list but where is tywo.see you guys are just making unnecessary noise I have checked the handles and amongst the ladies the Mariam. Girl is very fashionable compared to some of those other girls there. All of you hating are clearly haters. The girl is not just popular she knows how to dress. See that one up talking about Mariam s lens and height is that what you are here for? Misplaced priority . Sammy and mide,i see you guys.

  17. I think this female list to an extent is based on popularity and not fashionable. But the male’s list tho I don’t know some of them is dope. But y is taiwo lawal not on the list

  18. Leave yetunde&mariam alone, Those two can dress well, it’s obvious and they are both cute please stop hating. It’s not as if all of you can dress more than them.Why are all of you using anonymous, use your name let’s know who you are. Shameless girls see your mates rocking list. Instead of you to be ashamed you are here ranting. You are all pained and you know it. Go Mariaaaaam!!baby you are Queen, Go Yetundeee…I love you dear

  19. Comment:Awwwwwnnn my queens made the list mariam and Kenny,even Dr tobby sax yay,wills,mide,Ada,ibk even if we fight a lot,nice list tho

  20. This is shit n is based on popularity and personal relationship with the contestants.do a thorough survey or do not post this at all

  21. Mariam and yetunde bronze should say confirm it if they both have a better or dress better than kosoko aisha of fac of law. Models are not to be judge with their onset clothes which they tend to borrow a times.akapo should be on the list as well as aka rahmon(aka_humilty),&stifla rave.

  22. Comment:the other day i saw mariam,i wasnt impress wit what she was putting on,why on earth would she be on the list….this is fashion not popularity or becos shes the ceo of dope lasu n yetunde is just pretty she is not fashionable at all,why are you just based on science, art n law.please this should be base on the truth

  23. Comment:the other day i saw mariam,i wasnt impress wit what she was putting on,why on earth would she be on the list….this is fashion not popularity or becos shes the ceo of dope lasu n yetunde is just pretty she is not fashionable at all,why are you just based on science, art n law.please this should be base on the truth

  24. Comment:God…..those that were selected are lasu models n all their pics on ig are model shot,it shouldnt be judge by that..fashion should be based on everyday dressing, the way we combine our wears to make a good outfit,am so disappointed in lasu….it full of corruption…. so many students are out there that dresses more than them eg @dhunney_wears, @_kainene…please re think n select probably

  25. I’m back again, see o… see all this mumu girls we have in lasu o, o so Mariam can not dress? Just because you saw her “once” and “didn’t like her outfit”? Hahaha pls I saw her recently that girl is beautiful and she is a fashion killer, fashion is based on mood and personality, just because you don’t like her outfit does not mean it was not fine. and Yetunde is in my faculty, her name is “gold” not bronze. Correct that. Another thing is see how silly you are, your name is Elizabeth and azzeezat at the same time? Really? Stupidity at its peak.they are mentioning names of slayers you are typing dunny n kainene? Who them be? Who know them? Who them epp? . Please big ups 9jacampusstyle.I’m waiting on unilags,list too.