This is the list of the TOP 20 FASHIONABLE STUDENTS IN UNILAG 2015/2016

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This List was compiled by Osas, Paul, Precious and Eniola


akinfaminu-1466876450937Akin faminu, medicine, IG: @akinfaminu



bossmikado-1466876935346Salako Michael, quantity survey, IG: @bossmikado

carl_cobaine-1466876535637Carl Eze, Law, IG: @carl_cobaine

doziedan_-1466877003174Dozie Dan, medilag, IG: @doziedan

femi1of1-1466877051204Femi Otufodurin, quantity survey, IG: @femi1of1

kp1_sos-1466876753150Lawal Kolapo, computer science, IG: @kp1_sos

omo_alhaja_2-1466876679734Olatunji, business administration, IG: @omo_alhaja_2

russell_rev-1466876722362Russell, environmental science, IG: @russell_rev

thorlannie-1466876598125Tolani, biochemistry, IG: @thorlannie

val_entinoe-1466876636729Valentinoe, social works, IG: @val_entinoe


jemimaosunde-1466875948862Jemima, Physiotherapy, IG: @jemimaaosunde

kahfydgemini-1466876078250Kafilah, Mass Communication, IG: @kahfydgemini

makeupbyziza-1466875759351Mayowa Folami, Law, IG: @makeupbyziza

naomii_keshy-1466876027529Naomi Keshinro, Biochemistry, IG :@naomii_keshy

official_vicki-1466876127638Victoria Onoucha, marine biology, IG: @official_vicki

ogaku_k-1466876397873ijenna mirabel, Law, IG: @ogaku_k

onyinye_mzunilag2015-1466875847436Emesoba Onyinye, Marine science, IG: @onyinye_mzunilag2015


Olasope Oyeyemi, sociology, IG: @tokkie_tammy

unservile_fashionist-1466876212706Mirabel, physiotherapy, IG: @unservile_fashionist

ximply_kay-1466876322741Olusanjo Kanyinsola, Human kinetics, IG: @ximply_kay

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  1. Don’t be hatin’. … They are all very well dressed and. First guy got me tripping. The dark guy slayed the pink shirt and d ladies are just gorgeous.
    If its pains u so much, make ur own list, it’s a free world boo.

  2. I expected nothing less though… Sleepless nights on getting info of the nominees. Short timing but we sure did our best. Thank y’all!

  3. Not bad… quite spot on
    Would definitely agree with Akin and Carl being in the list. But as you said “Hottest Most FASHIONABLE”…the female list doesn’t really comply with that tag. But I guess you can’t know everyone in Unilag. Nice one still.

  4. This is really cool, d choice of nominees are good enough cause most of em are popular on IG so people should be familiar with em, I agree with d nominees, good work.

  5. I’m sure you guys can’t know everyone in the school. So you guys definitely picked your nominees based on what was available but you didn’t disappoint. It’s lit

  6. Truth be said, only few ppl on this list are fashionable. I have seen better. The First guy alongside a few merit it, but the rest nay!!

  7. Quite laudable.,but I feel it should cut across all the faculties. Most of d fashionable guys in school are in engineering