Our MCM today is the popular Bamidele Olamilekan Abayimi, known as King Pexxie(@kingpexxie). we love him because he has proved without doubt that you can be a student and also establish a thriving business. in an interview with him;


Q: What are you into?

A: I’m a social media influencer and brand builder, basically anything online related… Into activations and publicity amongst others… Done with school… I’m a New wig and also run a PR company…  KPM… That is King Pexxie Media


Q: Tell us more about your PR company

A: Founded in 2015 out of the need to spread tentacles and for better reach and customer satisfaction… You know there’s strength in number… So I felt instead of going on doing my thing alone for years, I felt the need to start the company.

Currently we have 12 active members


Q: You started the company as an Undergraduate?

A: Yes I did… As a law undergraduate thirsty for consumer satisfaction in new media


Q: What were the challenges you faced when you started out? And how were you able to combine the stress of being a law student with running a PR company?

A: I faced a lot of challenges o!!! I can’t lie… Lot of doubts and all… I however knew I was going to be successful however it was time consuming! It wasn’t easy combining both… Been a law student in school and pushing a brand? I challenged myself to the limit


Q: Who/what inspires you?

A: My inspiration comes from a lot of people, things and places! For sure I’m inspired by Mark Zuckerberg as he moved from a nobody/college drop out to 7th richest in the word


Q: Word of advice to younger generations who might want to venture into PR business?

A: It would seem difficult; you would have doubts but trust me… You can’t be beaten if you are determined! And never let the temptation of buying fake followers get to you… It never helps… And it makes you look desperate.

This and many more is why we at 9jacampusstyle love Bamidele

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