Like the song by Beyonce says, Pretty hurts. Also does the process of being pretty take time and commitment especially when you’re doing it on others as a profession or hobby. We want to take time out to acknowledge one of the most Hardworking and also pretty MakeUp Artists we know, Bisi Fakile of Fiona Makeovers. We got a chance to interview her and we hope you enjoy it and find it inspiring.

Tell us about yourself.
> I am Fakile Adebisi, Creative Director at Fiona Makeup School, Ikeja Lagos. I’m from a family of 5, Grew up within the shores of Lagos, Nigeria. Studied Agricultural Economics at LAUTECH for my first degree (B.Tech) and Economics Major at Covenant University for Senjoy degree (M.Sc). I Love Singing, Dancing and Swimming… Going places #ontour can also be regarded as something i enjoy doing. I am a christian and believe everything is Possible as long as you Give a Try.

How did art of make up begin for you?
> The Art of makeup began shortly after my NYSC in 2013. Back then as a corper in Yola most of my friends made good comments about my makeup,Comments like “wow”, “you look good”, “i love ur makeup”, “your makeup is lovely, can you do something like this for me?”, gradually it got to a point where i had to do free makeup for a few friends.
After my NYSC, i got a job with sterling bank Nigeria where i worked for a year it was during that period i made-up my mind on getting a professional skill in Makeup Artistry. First, i had to search for a unique makeup school, i made enquiries about the fees (it was quite expensive) So I had to save up some more money for this purpose and that was how i started as a Professional in 2014.

What motivated you to be a make up artiste?
> The Love for Entrepreneurship and Transforming Looks.

Describe your style.
> Trendy, Stylish, Relevant & Unique (Dear to be Different)

Who was your first client?
> Abelinis Limited NG, (the Executive Producer of FANS CHAMPIONSHIP AFRICA.)

If you weren’t a make up artiste, what else would you do professionally?
> The Art of Singing… I’m very Passionate about this.

What is your greatest make up tip?
> Never forget to enhance the details… Every face has what they Represent.
> Keep it light and Simple, Beautiful all the Time.

What do you do to have fun when you’re not working?
> I Create Looks… It’s that Simple.

What is your greatest challenge and how do you conquer it whenever it surfaces?
> The challenge of Unforseen Responsibilities… This happen most times on a Movie/TV Production Set, there is always something EXTRA to do. For example, there was this shoot i did and the need for face painting arose and seemed very essential, I had to go extra mile to improvise in order to satisfy my Client.
So As a Professional, i get myself prepared to handle such situations.

Who is your biggest client so far?
> Globacom NG. (Was the Official Makeup Artist for GLO CAF AWARDS 2016).

Any tips for students out there who want to be make up artistes?
> First, Don’t just become a makeup artist, Be an Entrepreneur.
> Second, Be sure you have a Strong drive… This will keep you going.
> Thirdly, Have a dream and believe God at all point in time.

Words of wisdom for students generally.
> Undergrad. Days come but once, Invest your extra time in things that interest you. Have a structured plan for yourself before Grad. Day ‘cos REAL LIFE experience awaits you after School.

Thank you for your time.