9jaCampusStyle was given the graceful opportunity to speak with the Creative, Beautiful and amazing fashion designer, Taye Martha. Below are details of the interview. Enjoy!

Leo: Hello Martha

Taye: Hi

Leo: Can you tell me a little about you

Taye: Am a caring person, love acquiring knowledge … Am a child God, am an ambitious person, don’t really get attached because am careful. Love to give to the poor … Feel that’s what told us to do in the bible. Love success because I feel it brings joy to you within and pride outer. Love been me, can be silly at times but all makes Taye

Leo: School, level and department?

Taye: Baze university, 400level, Accounting Department

Leo: What motivated to go into accounting?

Taye: The moment I found joy going for my business studies class when I was in Jss3 … And I just wanted to know more about business. Just saw that I was always happy and loved going for accounting class when I got into ss1 and decided I want to know accounting, I want to be an accountant because it made me glad. Saw it as a knowledge I got to acquire.

Leo: 😊 What led you to become a fashion blogger?

Taye: My love for fashion … And the positive energy it gives unto me to pursue my goals in life

Leo: Where do you get most of your outfits from?

Taye: Truth is … I create my own style, I do look at other fashion enthusiast

Because they can have a different perception of fashion, So I pick few tips from their own style and create my own style because I believe you can’t know it all and this can bring about a true definition of Fashion.


Leo: Can you let me in on the challenges or limitation you face currently

Taye: Consistency … I do a lot of activities but because I adore what I do … I find inner peace and a reason to keep on that’s my truth

Leo: Tell me something you love doing aside slaying obviously

Taye: Love reading love seeing people happy, Love doing good to the poor, Love seeing my goals been achieved.

Leo: Does anybody inspire your style?

Taye: True to be told … Don’t have someone who inspires me but I do look at other fashion icon and even fashion bloggers and learn from them. We all still learn one way and another

Leo: Cool… can I know a few of these people

Taye: There are many of them. The moment I stumble at a fashion blogger if I admire your style I learn from you that’s how it goes for me

Leo: Okay, Plans for the future?

Taye: I want to be great in my field of study, make my mother proud in any thing I get involved with and be successful at it, and I pray I still remain with God

Leo: Amen… What do you do for fun?

Taye: Play video games (some times), Watch movies and chat up with friends

Leo: What’s your view on student entrepreneurship?

Taye: I have few friends who are entrepreneurs and they are doing very well … It’s shows hard work and shows the student has capabilities to achieve much more in the future. It’s an adventure I will one day love to embark on.

Leo: Do you think being stylish is determined by the money you have.

Taye: No… You may not have much and be more stylish than those who have all the clothes “in the world”. Truth be told … But most times little resources will be needed to be able to advance in style and bring about new audience to how good you can be.

Leo: What’s your favorite color?

Taye: Purple

Leo: Why?

Taye: Don’t know it has its own atom of beauty without anything added to it

Leo: Wonderful. A question your male fans would love to know the answer to … Are you single?

Taye: First of all, LOL… Personal question. Sorry won’t be able to answer ☺

Leo: Okay.. What motivated your look in these pictures



Taye: I felt like going all white that day … That what inspired my look for that day




Taye: Truth be told just wanted to try out my off shoulder top for the first time so all of the style just came to me and I went with it.




Taye: Wanted to look official and classy so mixed it white to make it blend with the top

Leo: What do you have to tell people reading this regards… dressing and looking smart

Taye: It gives you respect, it brings a new character in that is totally different from who you are. One thing people don’t know is that … How you dress determine the manner of way you will act that way …

If I dress hippy or do a bit of a boyish look, I start acting like a boy not because it’s my character but because it is the look I chose to have for that day so I blend with my look to bring out the style in it.


Leo: What do you think of 9jacampusstyle?

Taye: I see it as a platform which brings out the best in youths of today … And give them a bit of an upliftment to keep doing the best of their capabilities because it is recognized.

Leo: Thank you very much for your time😊. It was lovely having this conversation with you

Taye: Awww same here … Am honored